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How to choose repair tool?

With the development of automobile technology, automobile repair tool products are more and more professional, and gradually has the following characteristics.
(1) the safety, reliability and convenience of the product become more important
Auto repair tool repair business is the highest utilization rate to disassembly and assembly tools, all kinds of socket wrench, open end wrench and a screwdriver, repair personnel are commonly used tools. In addition, a torque wrench, ratchet wrenches and other tools, for the reliability and convenience of disassembly and assembly are also essential. So the automobile repair tool for improving the safety and reliability of the service life of the tool, saves the production cost of enterprises is very important.
In addition, hardware industry production enterprises in production, general tools are in accordance with the size of portfolio, many specifications are difficult to use in the automobile maintenance and repair. Therefore, many brands have launched repair tool kits, car repair personnel work in some general tools commonly used lean out, make up a suit. This can save repair cost of production enterprises, on the other hand, convenient repair personnel management tool. On this basis, some repair tool brand will also set tool box can be made into a separate type, repair personnel working in the workshop, only need to be separated into boxes, tool cabinet drawer; left the shop, the box together, tool can always take away. Such tools, loss rate is greatly reduced, reducing the operation cost for enterprises.
For repair enterprises, convenient tool helps to improve the repair efficiency. How to develop more conducive to repair personnel to use tools, is the focus of universal tool maker R & D. Like some small work space place, common socket could not be used, even if the use of ratchet wrench, which afraid is bidirectional, work is also very difficult. Some tool manufacturers developed a ratchet wrench capable of rotating the handle, only rotating the handle, operation can be finished.
(2) automotive diagnostic tools gradually increases
Application of electronic technology is more and more widely in modern automobiles, formerly only rely on a multimeter can repair the car circuit fault operation mode has already been abandoned modern automobile repair. In addition to instrument, oscilloscope and multimeter fault diagnosis, more and more electronic diagnostic tool is applied to automobile repair, such as the current clamp, infrared thermoscope, battery tester and some line test lamp etc.. Application of a diagnostic tool to improve accuracy of repair enterprise troubleshooting and repair efficiency.
(3) of vehicle maintenance and repair machine tools to increase the proportion of
"Three points seven points repair, maintenance" has been the main repair of modern automobile repair industry concept, but also repair business type difference. With the development of automobile technology, the overall quality of the car has been a qualitative leap, repair business mainly in the maintenance, repair. Even when it comes to diagnosis and repair, also in the assembly replacement. Therefore, the use of vehicle maintenance and repair tool probability can be said to be the highest in general tool. Therefore, many automobile repair tool manufacturers in addition to R & D efforts to increase the universal tool, for R & D efforts using the car repair and maintenance of the machine tool is also gradually increase, some enterprises and even for different cars developed a special machine tools, can effectively improve the repair efficiency of enterprises.
For the enterprise of vehicle maintenance and repair, repair tools on the market many brands, the selection of some hesitation, especially for universal tool usage is high. The low-end brand wins in the low price, better quality high-end brand. However, with the high-end brand service in continuous improvement, but also have a certain preferential policies, long service life and products, high-end brand transformation repair enterprises in the selection of tool idea already by the low price of low-end brands to higher quality.

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