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Future prospects for the development of hardware tools?

With the development of social economy, in recent years, China has become the world hardware producer, the world's largest metal processing and exporting country. China has a vast market and consumption potential, in more green, more money "Twelfth Five Year Plan" period, energy-saving, intelligent home furnishing brands, cabinet hardware industry has a new trend.
1, tools hardware demand increasing
With the development of our country's position in the world, more and more countries in the world began to use the Chinese hardware product, to a certain extent to stimulate the development of China's hardware products. In recent years, with the acceleration of global economic integration, China Hardware Tools processing industry has gradually become the main force of the world hardware tool industry. Some developed countries, especially developing countries in Africa, the Middle East and other demand for hardware tools to more than 10% annual rate of increase. Hardware tools are labor-intensive industries, as the hardware town of Yongkang, but with the low cost of traditional competitive advantage, has become a gathering place of hardware tools.
2, hardware product quality improvement
At the same time, the international market of China's hardware products demand will gradually change, will have higher requirements for China's product quality, packaging, delivery time, and even gradually extended to the R & D and production processes and products, products with environmental protection, energy resources, combine the human environment. But the huge market and center of gravity, will further attract hardware Multi-National Corporation manufacturing center is moving to china. With the integration of foreign enterprises in China will continue to enhance the hardware product quality and competitiveness of enterprises. In the United States, Japan and other traditional continue to expand the national market at the same time, in Southeast Asia, Middle East, Russia, Europe, Africa and so on will fully blossom.
3, the expansion of capital increase
China's accession to the WTO, in the context of global competition, in order to improve the competitiveness, the industrial capital into the industry a major theme running. In 2004, vatti SUPOR has listed, Hongbao also listed positive efforts, vanward capital market operation will not stop because of failure and Guangdong Meiya recombination. From the capital perspective, the main characteristics of current capital expansion in the intensified.
4, increase cooperation between enterprises in the
From the competition point of view, resource sharing and cooperation between enterprises on the increase, on the one hand, manufacturers strengthened the control of the retail terminal, and strive to reduce the marketing chain, saving the cost of sales, the sales channels to the specialized direction, enterprise sales model can adapt to various market towards the direction of development. On the other hand, the sales industry development trend of the large home appliance chain store rising status, enhance the ability to control the industry, participate in and raised previously dominated by manufacturers dominate the price competition. Large retailers, with its broad market coverage, procurement scale and cost advantages, product pricing, delivery and payment control of production enterprises will be increasingly enhanced. But as a lower level of small and medium-sized enterprises in this trend will be at a competitive disadvantage.
5, pay more attention to the user experience and product of human nature
Developers from the applications, users of the product demand, consumer habits, to the existing market indoor locks widely and deeply studied, combined with the door factory and other senior industrial customer feedback, in the lock body function on a new design to meet the needs of the user experience, tool enterprises will pay more attention to.
6, the integration of personality grade industrial design attention
Commercially available tools, all kinds of metal style, variety, but it will start from a design of various cultural connotations as design ideas into one of the rare.

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